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The Brand

the OG hat bar in the BCS 

Hi there! We're so glad you stopped by! Camryn Lee Hat Co. was born March 2022 as a fun way for us to work together and create unique designs for everyone. After a crazy few years, I, Bryn, opened my first business, Brick + Mortar Bridal Shop. Within the first year of operating we knew we wanted something that we could run side-by-side. The idea of Camryn Lee came to mind and we bought a trailer the same day... we're crazy, I know. 

The idea behind the hat trailer is that we will be able to serve ALL parts of our hometown + more! We hope to host a pop-up at your next event. We will be offering hats for sooo many occasions and specifically cannot wait to serve our sweet brides from our sister company. 


bryn + austin 

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